Represents a custom report. This metadata type only supports custom reports; standard reports are not supported.

This type extends the Metadata metadata type and inherits its name field.

Declarative Metadata File Suffix and Directory Location

The file suffix is .report. There is one file for each report, stored in the reports folder in the corresponding package directory.

├── steedos-app/main/default
├── ...
│   └── reports
│       └──
├── ...

Declarative Metadata Sample Definition

A sample yml report definition, the following statement lists the statistical results of contracts over the years by contract category:

name: contracts_over_years_by_categorys
label: Contracts of category over years
report_type: matrix
data_source: odata
object_name: contracts
filters: [["create_date", "between", "this_year"]]
columns: create_date
values: amount
charting: true
counting: false
description: Lists the statistical results of contracts over the years by contract category.
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